West End Tower, Frankfurt.

FlowCon valves have been choosen for the refurbishment of the fan coil system for West End Tower, Frankfurt. FlowCon was choosen as the requirement of a very compact valve could only be meet by offering a costumized

Westendstraße 1 is a 53-storey, 208 meter skyscraper in the Westend-Süd district of Frankfurt, Germany. The structure was completed in 1993 and together with the nearby City-Haus, it forms the headquarters of DZ Bank. In 1995 it won the “BestBuilding of the Year” award by the American Chamber of Architects in the multifunctional skyscraper category. The tower is the third tallest skyscraper in Frankfurt and also in Germany. 

The building is a reinforced concrete structure with a perforated facades and flat slabs. The floor height is usually 3.6 meter with a floor area of 950 square meters. It is housing commercial offices and the construction started in 1990 and was opening in 1993.

The building is housing DZ Bank. Characteristic of this high-rise of the DZ Bank is its projecting upper termination, which gives the impression of a crown. This corona consists of 11 spokes and extends 11 meters out from the building. In order to prevent ice it is heated in winter. There is also a winter garden in the center of the building, which is open to the public and the building also contains a shopping area and restaurant facilities.

Controlled indoor temperature in any office building is very important for both the comfort and productivity of the employees. However, the demands of a climate control system in office glass buildings can be extremely high. The radiant energy is ultimately transformed to heat and can contribute with up to 700 W per m2 window glass.

Especially, in the summertime, these high variables can overload the climate control where accuracy and the ability to adjust a dynamic environment is a key value. However with the right HVAC technology it is possible to maintain a stable indoor temperature by using the exact amount of energy that is required at any given time. Because of all the commercials and offices in the building it is important with a good optimal indoor climate where the focus is on the environment and the cost of indoor climate. Therefore they made a refurbishment of West End Tower, where they changed air conditioning and valves. To the refurbishment FlowCon valves were chosen, to make sure that the environmental requirements were met and the best solution obtained.

Project configurations
FlowCon is the main supplier of balancing valves for the refurbishment of West End Tower. The project configurations are as per below;

Number of valves:

1,700 units

Valve model:

FlowCon E-JUST and
FlowCon FF units.20


Flowcontrol for fancoils 



Start date:

In 2015

Completion date:

End of 2016


80,700 M2 (51 floors)


Reasons for choosing FlowCon valves for refurbishment
As a known industry specialist on delivering dynamic valves, it was natural to consider FlowCon along with other potential suppliers. In this case of refurbishment it was requested by the installer that the valves were no more than 88 mm in total length. The restrictions in length were given to avoid expensive adjustment on the excisting pipework. By understanding the clients needs FlowCon International managed together with our local partner to offer a solution with dynamic valves, ready to install with end connections and within the specified measurements.

The case is an example of the high flexibility that comes with FlowCons patented insert system where one insert fits different valve bodies. This system makes FlowCon to the most flexible supplier on the market and able to meet custom requirements and offer a customized solution.