CMA Tower, Capital Market Authority HQ - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The CMA tower is the crown jewel of the King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD), Riyadh and the tallest building in the capital.

Rising 385 meters above the surrounding city, the CMA Tower is the centerpiece of the financial plaza of the King Abdullah Financial District - the world’s largest green building development. The iconic 80-story crystalline office tower symbolizes the beginning of a new era of global financial leadership within the Saudi capital. The tenants are central market authorities, stock of exchange, major banks and international rating companies.

The design solution of this intelligent, functional, and sustainable building is a subtle blend of conventional and well understood techniques combined with international best practice and cutting-edge technologies, merged with local expertise of construction techniques and methods for dealing with the harsh natural environment. The building is a class-A office skyscraper with anticipated LEED Gold certification. FlowCon is proud to be part of this.

Building Description


385 meters (80 floors)


182.000 m²

Energy credentials:


Cooling capacity:

Number of FCUs: 181
Number of AHUs: 265
Number of CRACs: 17
(Computer Room Air Condition)
3.500 tons of refrigeration.


FlowCon was the sole supplier of PICVs to the project securing maintained target ΔT and reduced commissioning time. Due to FlowCon’s dynamic and pressure independent solution no overflow through the PICVs, even at partial loads, were guaranteed and the LEED Gold status obtainable. Consult FlowCon to understand how FlowCon PICVs can contribute to green building certification. 

Project configurations


Al Ra’idah Investment Company


HOK / Omrania joint-venture




Advanced Vision

Project name:

CMA Tower, Riyadh

Configuration of building:

181 FCUs, 265 AHUs and 17 Critical Cooling

Number of model:

500 valves

Valve model:

FlowCon SM and FlowCon Wafers


By-Pass assemblies w. PICVs, automatic balancing valves and PICVs

Types of application:

New building

Date of inauguration:

October 2018.