FlowCon TO-GO

The FlowCon App is ready…

We include 3 features in the FlowCon App’s first version:


Connection is ‘the new black’ and works with FlowCon FIT and FlowCon Intelligent Metering via Bluetooth® and provides direct readings on ΔT, ΔP, flow rate, BTU heat transfer and ΔT target.


Products will provide direct links to tech notes, instructions and animations on a limited selection for simple overview.


FlowCon including information on our Company consisting of FlowCon Corporate Brochure and FlowCon Branding Video as well as direct e-mail link and transfer to the website.

Next to this there is possibility to adjust standard Settings and choose between English, Chinese and Russian languages.

As a postscript the FlowCon App version 2 will include a Selection feature and is planned for 2019.

Already now you can download the FlowCon App from AppStore or GooglePlay and enjoy an easier life with FlowCon.


Download FlowCon App:

Apple AppStore

Google play