New FlowCon FN.1.2 failsafe actuator
- for FlowCon Green.0/1/2

FlowCon relaunches a new and improved version of the failsafe FN version. The new actuator - called FN.1.2 - will match the FlowCon Green.0/1/2 valves. 

The new FlowCon FN.1.2-actuator holds the following features:

Failsafe option:
Select either failsafe close or failsafe open on the actuator.

Simple selection - All control modes in 1:
The new version will include 24V modulation and 2-position in one and the same actuator.

Flexible solution - Selectable control characteristic:
Linear flow or equal percentage to be selected directly on the actuator. Hence, control characteristic for the valve may be determined late and even after installation.

Easy installation - Upside-down:
The new version allows upside-down installation making 360° installation possible.

Built-in safety - Electrical override:
The new version includes an integrated electrical override function. Automatic re-calibration will always follow deactivation of override.

Faster run time:
Normal operation run time is 22 sec/mm but in failsafe mode run time is only 5 sec/mm.

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