FlowCon By-Pass

3 way by-pass fan coil flushing unit.

DZR brass housing.

Nickel plated brass ball valves.

2 extended handles.

Can be fitted with optional FlowCon valve bodies supply/return side
(UniQ, A, AB, ABV, EVC or SM 15-40mm (½"-1½")).

Can be fitted with optional FlowCon/FlowCon IVC strainer and drain possibility on supply side.

Can be fitted with optional FlowCon inserts on return side
(Green, EVS, Composite, E-JUST or Stainless Steel).

Can be fitted with a range of optional FlowCon actuators on return side
(depending on insert selection and valve body).


2 x union end conn. 15/20/25mm (½" / ¾" / 1").
and 2 fixed female end conn. 20mm (¾").

Temperature rating:

+120°C (+248°F).

Pressure rating:

2500 kPa (360 psi).


Tech note

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FlowCon By-Pass 2-unions