FlowCon Mini By-Pass Unit

By-pass fan coil flushing unit.

DZR brass housing.

Nickel plated brass ball valves.

Can be fitted with optional FlowCon valve bodies supply/return side
(A, AB, ABV or EVC).

Can be fitted with optional FlowCon strainer and drain possibility on supply side
or as side options on by-pass.

Can be fitted with optional FlowCon inserts on return side
(Green, SME, EVS, Composite, E-JUST or Stainless Steel).

Can be fitted with a range of optional FlowCon actuators on return side
(depending on inserts selection and valve body).

End connections:

20mm male ISO suitable for DN15 EuroCone according
to EN215, Annex A, Series S.

Multiple union end connections available (ISO female threaded,
ISO male threaded, compression, press and universal flat seal).

Temperature rating:

+130°C (+266°F).

Pressure rating:

2500kPa (360psi).


Tech note

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ISO format:
FlowCon Mini By-Pass

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FlowCon Mini By-Pass

Assembly drawing

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Mini By-Pass