FlowCon PIM-DP

Adjustable differential pressure control valve.

Compact and accurate.

Stepless adjustable between 25-170 kPaD.

Close off feature up to 8 bars.

Serviceable filter in adjustment tube.

Ductile iron housing.

Universal flange connections.

Patent pending.


50-150mm (2"-6”) valves.

Maximum operational ΔP:

400 kPaD (60 psid).

Differential pressure range:

25-170 kPaD (3.6-24.6 psid).

Flow rate range:

2270-119000 l/hr (10-524 GPM).



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FlowCon DPCV

Tech note

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FlowCon PIM-DP


View and download:

FlowCon PIM-DP

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