FlowCon Energy FIT System

All-in-one system including PICV, Intelligent Interface and sensor kit

State-of-the-art pressure and temperature independence.

Cost savings due to optimized energy consumption, improved efficiency and ΔT control.

Complete overview of energy and flow.

Adjustable to 41 different maximum flow rate limits.

Simple monitoring via Bluetooth® or analog to BMS.

Communicates to FlowCon App (iOS or Android).

Intelligent Interface with integrated BTU meter and flow meter.

2 temperature sensors.

2 pressure sensors.

PICV with user-friendly display actuator.

Actuator available with optional fail-safe function.

PICV with universal flange connections.


65-250mm (2½”-10”).


30-800 kPaD (4.5-116 psid).

Flow rate:

1.48-76.8 l/sec (23.4-1220 GPM)



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FlowCon FIT

Tech note

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FlowCon FIT


View and download:

FlowCon FIT


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