FlowCon introduces DPCV Partner Valves
- FlowCon Partner Globe, FlowCon QuickDisk™
and FlowCon Partner Ball

FlowCon International introduces three new partner valves, which can be used in combination with FlowCon differential pressure control valve-models: FlowCon SDP, EDP, ADP and PIM-DP.

FlowCon Partner Globe

– Flanged partner valve for FlowCon PIM-DP range of differential pressure control valves.

FlowCon Partner Globe DN65-300 valves are a traditional flanged ductile iron variable orifice static balancing valve with shut off capabilities. The flow adjustment and isolation feature makes it the perfect partner for FlowCon DPCVs on risers and branches.

The following benefits are achieved upon combining the FlowCon Partner Globe with FlowCon PIM-DP range differential pressure control valves: 

  • Accurate differential pressure adjustment across the branch/riser.
  • Flow adjustment across the branch/riser.
  • Close-off function integrated in both supply and return.
  • Fast responding mechanical components allowing rapid response to system variation.
  • System protection by shielding the remaining system against pressure fluctuations potentially coursing noise, unstable control, poor balancing etc.
  • Energy savings and improved comfort - Stable control and improved balancing reduces the HVAC energy consumption while improving the indoor climate.

All above features combined provide the most important benefit, which is to have a well-balanced HVAC system with limited pressure fluctuation ensuring correct heating or cooling load with quiet operation, long lasting system components and reduction in maintenance cost.

The FlowCon Partner Globe can furthermore be used with the FlowCon FAC6HP commissioning meter allowing electronic flow verification for commissioning and system trouble shooting. By using the FlowCon commissioning meter, the Partner Globe valve can also be used as a traditional variable orifice DRV for balancing and flow verification purpose, if required.


FlowCon QuickDisc™

- Female/female partner valve for FlowCon SDP, EDP and ADP range.

FlowCon QuickDisc™ DN15-20 valve is a revolutionary static balancing valve utilizing a ceramic disc for regulation, flow verifications through the build in venturi as well as isolation functionality.

This unique design offers following benefits:

  • Equal percentage flow openings providing smooth flow control as valve opens.
  • Compact compared to normal commissioning sets.
  • Energy efficient due to the minimal pressure drops compared to normal commissioning sets.
  • Allow more flow through an opening than a comparable ball, which means less pressure loss.
  • Increased measurement accuracy as the valve design ensures straight flow thru regulation unit minimizing water turbulence.
  • Easy installation, not special tools required.
  • Easy insulation as it does not contain an external handle, minimizing radiant energy losses.
  • Resistant: No reaction to chemical treatment in Water.
  • Bubble tight shut off due to the unique and patented ceramic disc design.

The unique combination of a ceramic disc and a true venturi for flow measurement provides the most energy efficient and accurate manual valve in the industry making it the perfect partner valve for the FlowCon differential pressure control valve application.


FlowCon Partner Ball

- Female/female partner valve for FlowCon SDP, EDP and ADP range.

The FlowCon Partner Ball DN15-25 is a brass ball valve with female-female connections and drillings for capillary tube connection.

FlowCon Partner Ball valve offers:

  • High pressure rating of 35 bar.
  • Drillings allowing installations of p/t plugs, drain valve and/or capillary tube.
  • 360° mount.
  • No special tools are required.

Upon using the ball valve in combination with the DPCV range we provide the close-off functionality needed and assuring correct differential pressure for the application, providing a simple cost-effective solution.


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