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Heating/Cooling/Energy - HVAC - PICV - PIBCV - Balancing valve - DPCV - 2-way control valve - Pressure dependent - Pressure independent

Unlocking the World of PICVs: Your Essential Answers to Common Questions!

Heating/Cooling/Energy - HVAC - Glycol - Glycol Mix - Flow Correction Factor

Understand the influence of Glycol in your HVAC application

Heating/Cooling/Energy - HVAC - PICV - Design flow - Pipe Size - ΔP - Pressure drop - Actuator control - Adjustment - Service

Important factors to consider when selecting PICVs

Heating/Cooling/Energy - HVAC - PICV - LEED Certification

LEED certified green buildings are better buildings

PICV Actuator - Heating/Cooling/Energy - Failsafe function - Super Capacitor - Battery

The article focuses on key parameters to consider when choosing a failsafe actuator for your PICV application.

PICV - Heating/Cooling/Energy - Low ΔT syndrome - ΔT control

This article explain how a pressure independent control valve can provide 100% authority and thereby increase the accuracy of the ΔT control

FlowCon Topic Letter about Rangeability and Turn Down Ratio
PICV - FlowCon Green - FlowCon GreEQ - FlowCon SM - FlowCon UniQ®

Definition and use of Rangebility, Resolution and Turn Down Ratio in FlowCon PICVs

FlowCon Topic Letter about Leakage Classification IEC60534-4
PICV - PITCV - TCV - FlowCon Green - FlowCon SM - FlowCon FIT - FlowCon EVS

Article is updated to include FlowCon GreEQ and FlowCon FIT. All actuated FlowCon valves are classified based on maximum allowed valve seat leakage…

FlowCon Topic Letter about Valve Authority

For end-of-line or similar applications, control valves still have their justification. A word on valve authority may come useful

FlowCon Topic Letter about PICV Actuator Material
PICV - Gear Material - HVAC

FlowCon deliberately chooses specific gear material depending on actuator use

PICV - High-Tech Composite - HVAC

Using composites in PICV do result in superior accuracy

FlowCon Topic Letter about Water Quality
Heating/Cooling - Fan Coil Units - Flush - Strainer - Clean Water

If You use proper water quality in Your HVAC system, You will have lots of benefits – follow one of FlowCon’s flushing strategies

FlowCon Topic Letter about Diffential Pressure Controllers as Zone Protector
Heating/Cooling - DPCV - FlowCon EDP - FlowCon PIM™-DP

The benefits of using DPCVs as zone protectors are many

FlowCon Topic Letter about Importance of Control Curves in PICVs
Heating/Cooling - PICV - Equal% Control - Linear Control - Accuracy - Turn Down Ratio - Rangeability - Performance Charts

Equal percentage control vs. linear control – which is better when and why?