FlowCon's Whistleblower System

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of ethics and accountability -not only inhouse but also in our value chain. 

We are now introducing FlowCon whistleblower system - one more step towards our ambition to promote a culture of transparency and integrity within our organization and beyond. Clearly, our whistleblower system conforms with the new EU Whistleblower Directive. 

Our policy provides a clear framework for raising serious concerns, ensuring no illegal, unethical, or irregular conduct goes unnoticed throughout FlowCon’s value chain. Everyone in our network is encouraged to speak up, if they experience concerns related to FlowCon directly or in our value chain.

Together, let us build a culture of integrity and accountability, creating a safer, more transparent environment for all.

Find FlowCon's whistleblower system here →

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