Pop-up COVID-19 hospital in the UK – proud to contribute

The Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, UK has been converted into a temporary hospital in the fight against Corona virus. This second largest field hospital in the UK, the Dragon’s Heart Hospital / Ysbyty Calon y Ddraig got up fast and can expand up to 2000 beds. 

As the heating and cooling system in such a temporary installation is somewhat different to a traditional hospital’s, special requirements were to be handled to fulfil the demand of mobile AHUs. Therefore, quick release couplings, temperature measurement points and sensors where supplied together with automatic balancing valves – all accessories were fitted, and the valves came as ready-to-use units. 

The flexible solution was designed, produced and delivered by FlowCon’s UK-distributor, FloControl, and it included FlowCon E-JUST and FlowCon SH valves. These dynamic balancing valves will help limiting the max.flow and secure optimal distribution of heating or cooling flow. Consequently, this will provide better working conditions temperature-wise for busy doctors, nurses and other hospital staff as well as vulnerable corona recovery patients or corona patients requiring end-of-life care.
See more via link to FloControl’s web: https://www.flocontrol.ltd.uk/heating-cooling-solution-cardiffs-dragons-heart-hospital/

FlowCon is grateful to be part of this and to contribute within an ultrashort time horizon. Our thanks go to all involved in the construction phase and our appreciation goes to hospital staff globally for their contribution in the fight against COVID-19.  

Project Configurations

Project name: Dragon’s Heart Hospital / Ysbyty Calon y Ddraig
Contractor: ES Global
Sub contractor: GD Mechanical Services Ltd.
Valve model: Valve sets incl. FlowCon E-JUST and FlowCon SH
Application: New temporary building
FlowCon distributor: FloControl Ltd.
Date of inauguration: 20th April 2020

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