PRIME PARK, Moscow, Russia

PRIME PARK is a world-class residential complex just 10 minutes away from Moscow city center and the Moscow Kremlin, but it is so much, much more than any other apartment project … 

As part of a new urban quarter of City of Moscow and with its location on Leningradsky Prospect between Moscow city center and Sheremetyevo Airport, PRIME PARK is uniquely placed with easy access to both the Russian capital and the world. The project includes 9 towers covering a ground area of 2.800 m2 for the residential area, 1.500 m2 green areas and has four metro stations available within walking distance. 

The building area covers 377.000 m2 and apartment sizes range from 1-bedroom over multiple bedrooms to duplex and penthouse. Each apartment is presented based on 80 different options of decoration and at least 3.1-meter ceiling height. This results in airy, spacious and at the same time individual solutions.

The PRIME PARK project includes a central lobby, fitness club and swimming pool, underground parking, and plenty of green zones. For families with children PRIME PARK also includes a school, two daycare centers, and playgrounds totaling 18.000 m2 educational facilities. And for the busy family a grocery store, a pharmacy, a dry cleaner, numerous restaurants and cafes are directly at hand as well as beauty parlor, dance studio and décor boutique - in total 12.000 m2.
This gigantic project is the winner in five nominations under ‘Best European Project 2018/19’.



FlowCon has supplied to the original project and now that the project is being extended with yet another tower, we will obviously be the preferred supplier of PICVs, DPCVs, Automatic Balancing and Thermostatic valves. We are proud to be selected again and again.

Project Configurations

Project name: PRIME PARK
Developer: Optima Development
Architect: Group DYER
Valve model and quantity: Pressure independent control: FlowCon UniQ® with thermal ON/OFF control
Dynamic balancing: FlowCon E-JUST and FlowCon Wafer
Differential pressure control: FlowCon EDP
Thermostatic balancing: FlowCon T-JUST
All together 17.500+ valves
Application: New building
FlowCon distributor: Yakrus
Date of inauguration: Original project 2019 - New tower 2021

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