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SDG Nomination  
10.2021 FlowCon is nominated to the SDG Tech Awards 2021 This proves to us that the path that FlowCon has chosen and the course, which was set years back, clearly have been right and far-sighte  
eBay Data Center, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA  
State of the art design including fuel cells, solar panels and FlowCon PICVs….  
FlowCon is finalist in the SDG Tech Awards 2021  
FlowCon has reached top 5 in the category BEST COMPANY and we are really proud  
Kuwait University, COEP, Kuwait  
点此下载该项目报告 10.2021 Kuwait University, College of Engineering and Petroleum One of the largest educational campuses in the world unifies all Engineering and Technical disciplines in a new and moder  
New College of Engineering and Petroleum at Kuwait University  
High level education and high level of temperature control united with FlowCon PICVs  
Boston University Center for Intergrated Life Science & Engineering  
09.2017 Boston University Center for Intergrated Life Science & Engineering, USA Unique educational hub for integrated life science and engineering - FlowCon is proud to be the selected HVAC  
FlowCon nominated...  
for a Sustainability Award based on our invention of the PICV technology resulting in building energy efficiency and emission reduction  
New high ΔP FlowCon ADP.1  
FlowCon expands the ADP range – the new high ΔP combi-valve controls ΔPcircuit to 3-35 kPaD, DN15-25 (1/2”-1”)  
FlowCon ADP  
FlowCon ADP 使用说明 FlowCon ADP ​​​​​​​技术资料 FlowCon DPCV 手册 FlowCon ADP FlowCon ADP 集动态平衡电动控制阀和动态压差平衡阀功能 更耐用 三合一功能 FT 系列执行器: 热感式开关型,标配故障保护功能 41 种不同的压差控制范围无级设定 锻造黄铜或抗脱锌铜阀体 DN15/  
FlowCon Energy FIT System 使用说明  
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