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FlowCon 执行器  
动态流量平衡阀 FlowCon 动态流量平衡阀项目案例 为什么选择动态流量平衡阀 (ABV)? 动态流量平衡阀 (ABV) 可以确保在系统压力变化的情况下保持设计流量 (100% 流量时)恒定不变。是新建项目和改建项目的理想选择。 动态流量平衡阀 (ABV) 的工作原理是怎么样的? FlowCon 可以提供两款不同的动态流量平衡阀: • E-JUST 阀芯 E-  
温度控制阀 FlowCon 温度控制阀项目案例 为什么选择温度控制阀? 动态平衡温度控制阀结合了控制阀和平衡阀功能于一体,可以在系统压力变化的情况下不受影响。这种解决方案的好处是,全行程执行器的长度可以直接控制阀芯动作。 一款简单的温度控制阀是不包括平衡功能的,但是旋转型执行器以及内置流量控制 Optimizer® 可以对流量进行精确的等百分比控制。 动态平衡温度控制阀是怎么工  
Tobolsk Airport, Siberia, Russia  
点此下载该项目报告 01.2022 Tobolsk Airport, Tyumen Oblast, Siberia, Russia New infrastructural hub in the heart of Siberia will provide easy access to the Tyumen region and for the local businesses and po  
New Tobolsk Airport in Siberia, Russia  
To obtain better temperature control in the terminal building and associated buildings, FlowCon DPCV and dynamic balancing valves are installed throughout the radiator heating system.  
Colombo City Centre, Colombo, Sri Lanka  
Mixed-use complex with apartments, hotel, shopping mall and entertainment  
BRICS’ New Development Bank HQ, Shanghai, China  
Unique building for a unique purpose - and FlowCon is key supplier of the HVAC valves  
BRICS’ New Development Bank HQ Shanghai  
点此下载该项目报告 11.2021 BRICS’ New Development Bank HQ, Shanghai, China The New Development Bank is a valuable output of BRICS cooperation. It is an important indicator of how working together can cont  
eBay, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA  
10.2021 eBay Data Center, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA Four of the most important needs for a data center are Reliability, Cost, Energy Efficiency and Environmental Friendliness – and FlowCon PICV Te  
SDG Finalist  
10.2021 FlowCon is finalist in the SDG Tech Awards 2021 FlowCon has reached top 5 in the category BEST COMPANY and we are really proud. Ms. Sophia Christo, Head of Events at, h  
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