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Al-Masa Towers, New Alamein, Egypt  
Egypt’s largest hospitality hotel with FlowCon PICVs and pre-tested By-Pass Assemblies for fast and trouble-free installation, flushing and commissioning  
FlowCon's Climate Action  
02.2022 Danish Industry News In the IndustyNews video FlowCon International is mentioned for our work in and learnings from the project Climate Ready SME. We now know our CO2 emissions in Scope  
FlowCon’s Climate Action  
Without knowledge and baseline, it is impossible to make a clear CO2 reduction roadmap and document improvements  
New Terminal at Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, China  
Huge project providing double terminal area to handle triple number of air travelers  
Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, Phase 3, China  
02.2022 Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, T4, Hangzhou City, China A distinct wave shape characterizes the new terminal, T4. With the project’s particular focus on user comfort, system flex  
FlowCon 执行器  
FlowCon 旁通模块项目案例  
FlowCon 动态流量平衡阀项目案例  
FlowCon 温度控制阀项目案例  
制冷 动态平衡电动调节阀 FlowCon Green FlowCon GreEQ FlowCon SM 动态平衡电动调节温度控制阀 FlowCon EDP FlowCon PIM™-DP FlowCon FYC​​​​​​​ FlowCon Partner Valves 动态压差平衡阀 FlowCon EVS FlowCon Unimizer® 动态流量平衡阀  
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