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Sheremetyevo Airport, Moscow, Russia  
01.2020 点此下载该项目报告 Project Configurations Architect: RMJM Serbia Consultant: Goltsblat BLP Contractor: OOO Sheremetyevo Terminal B (a joint venture between MASH OAO and TPS Avia Holding Ltd) Proj  
Colombo City Centre, Colombo, Sri Lanka  
12.2021 Colombo City Centre, Colombo, Sri Lanka … a level above the city and a must visit shopping mall - maybe already during the coming holiday season. Colombo City Centre Mall and Residences  
FlowCon FN.0.2-BUS  
通讯 前往 FlowCon FN 06.2022 新款 Modbus 和 BACnet 动态平衡电动调节阀执行器  
Climate and Environmental Award 2022  
10.2022 FlowCon is finalist to the Sydbank/SK Forsyning Climate and Environmental Award 2022 FlowCon is nominated among three companies for the Business Awards 2022 in the category   
Go to Science Based Targets FlowCon SBTi Commitment FlowCon 的气候账单 温室气体协议,GHGP,根据间接排放和直接排放划分范围。在 FlowCon,我们最初考虑的是从摇篮到大门的观念。从摇篮到大门是指上游,即从供应商到 FlowCon 和 FlowCon 的内部生产和运营。 范围 1: 由 FlowCon  
Oval Village, London, United Kingdom  
点此下载该项目报告 11.2022 Oval Village, London, United Kingdom A modern and green Mixed-Use project resulting in a lively community where people can live, work, shop, and play.  The Oval Vill  
Oval Village, London – Phoenix Court is the first new apartment block  
Modern homes with focus on indoor climate and reduced energy consumption – installed with FCU bypass units including FlowCon PICVs  
展会 2021 往期展会 2020: Aquatherm, Moscow, Russia, 11th-14th February 2020 AHR Expo, Orlando, USA, 3rd-5th February 2020 2019: ISH, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 11th-15th March 2019 AHR Expo, Atlanta, US  
FlowCon is finalist in the Business Awards 2022 – Climate and Environmental Award  
FlowCon is nominated and is proudly in top 3 in the category CLIMATE AND ENVIRONMENTAL AWARD  
FlowCon FH 系列执行器  
FlowCon FH 系列执行器 FlowCon 执行器选型表 FlowCon FH 使用说明 FlowCon FH 技术资料 相关产品 FlowCon FH 适用于 FlowCon Green 适用于 FlowCon Green.3 电动执行器,24V 0(2)-10V 调节,三浮点或开关型 标配反馈功能 标配手动超控功能 可设置的控制特性  
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