Domestic Water Applications

What is Domestic Water?

Domestic water – or more correctly domestic hot water (DHW) – refers to the hot water in sinks, showers and baths in any type of building for domestic purposes, like sanitation, personal hygiene and food preparation. It is wise to know that DHW is not only relevant in private homes but is used in any building, from shopping centers, office blocks and airports to hospital, universities and anything in between.


What to be aware of in Domestic Water Systems?

Domestic hot water systems are designed as open system. This increases the risk of annoying lime scaling due to continuous oxygenation of the hard water. Another issue to be aware of when working with DHW systems is the risk of Legionella bacteria if the water is not is some way pasteurized. Lastly, users may experience long waiting time for the proper water temperature if the water is not in thermal balance which resulting in annoying wasted time and costly water wastage.

Therefore, it is recommendable to choose a solution which handles all three issues which are lime scaling, pasteurization and thermal balance.

Domestic Water Applications include:

Domestic Hot Water Circulations

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