FlowCon's Strategic SDG Alignment

At FlowCon we put our main focus on three SDGs, namely SDG7, SDG11 and SDG13.
We have selected these SDGs because they enable us to continue to push our product development even further, as well as support our customers on their path to more sustainable solutions.

SDG7: Affordable and Clean Energy

Target 7.3: Double the improvement in energy efficiency

FlowCon contributes to improving energy efficiency.
This is a prioritized part of our vision and our goal in everything we do – the core of any FlowCon product.

SDG11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Target 11.6: Reduce the environmental impact of cities

FlowCon products make buildings in cities and communities more sustainable. By providing high quality and energy efficient solution, we are committed to sustainability.

FlowCon commits 5% of our annual turnover to R&D that ensures that we continue the development of making smarter and more energy efficient products.


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SDG13: Climate Action

Target 13.3: Build knowledge and capacity to meet climate change

FlowCon is passionate about saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions. Both for us, our customers and more and more in our supply chain relations.

We continuously share knowledge and educate our stakeholders in adopting energy efficient behavior.
The goal is to ensure constant optimization and lowering the CO2 emissions of every project.

Some FlowCon PICV Projects

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FlowCon Project at High Garden Bagneux
Heating - Fan Coil Units - Radiators - FlowCon ADP - FlowCon EDP - FlowCon Green - France

The new complex will include 250 apartments and a French-style convenience store – with FlowCon PICV and DPCV

FlowCon Project at Oval Village London outside
Heating - Cooling - Fan Coil Units - FlowCon By-Pass Mini - FlowCon Green - FlowCon GreEQ - London - United Kingdom

Modern homes with focus on indoor climate and reduced energy consumption – installed with FCU bypass units including FlowCon PICVs

FlowCon Project at Sarthe Cancer Center in France
Heating - Cooling - Fan Coil Units - FlowCon Green

Center of Excellence combining expertise, innovation, comfort, and humanity – in the fight against cancer. And FlowCon PICVs are used to provide…

FlowCon Project at Zhenru Sub Center in Shanghai
Heating - Cooling - Air handling units - Fan Coil Units - FlowCon Green - FlowCon SM - FlowCon DRJT - FlowCon Wafer

The super high-rise corner stone includes FlowCon PICVs, DPCVs and ABVs

FlowCon Project at Kuwait SOCS University
Heating - Cooling - Air handling units - Heat Recovery Units - FlowCon SM

High level education and high level of temperature control united with FlowCon PICVs – running optimal year in and year out

FlowCon Project at Al-Masa Towers in Egypt
Heating - Cooling - Cooling Towers - Fan Coil Units - Heat Exchangers - FlowCon By-Pass Assembly - FlowCon Green - FlowCon SM

Egypt’s largest hospitality hotel with FlowCon PICVs and pre-tested By-Pass Assemblies for fast and trouble-free installation, flushing and…