What is Cooling (HVAC)?

Opposite heating, HVAC cooling refers to the technology of indoor comfort when the outdoor weather is warmer. The entire cooling system includes cooling source, pipe work, valves and units. Cooling units are among other things chilled beams, fan coil units and larger air handler units as well as chillers and cooling towers. And cooling systems are used in any type of building, from office blocks and hotels over stadiums, airports and even in industrial applications.


What to be aware of in Cooling (HVAC) Systems?

A cooling system is a closed system, which means that the same water is circulated. Without proper flow balance there is a risk of underflow or even starvation is some parts of the system, where other parts will see and overflow. This may result in costly energy waste. Another consequent is dissatisfied users as they may experience insufficient cooling or no cooling at all.

Therefore, it is recommendable to choose a solution which addresses this and guarantees flow balance even at partial loads.

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