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FlowCon Product Selection Tool

Which valve type will be correct?
Which valve setting should be chosen?
How is selection validation obtainable?
If valve selection is unmanageable, You can get help with FlowCon Product Selection Tool

The FlowCon Product Selection Tool is a tool that allows the user to create own templates and based on these perform fast and easy selection within seconds.

Some of the key functions are:

  • Easy Selection from either Pre-Assembled Products, Single Products or Product Number Builder
  • Product Number Builder is your step-by-step guide to proper selection
  • Save Template of the current full selection
  • Save Project under Project name incl. version if required
  • Project List Upload for FAST valve selection and setting selection based on your own templates
  • Project List Download as full selection for project validation or fast project overview
  • Save and Print Pdf
  • User-Differentiated Access (including no price, list prices or net prices)

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FlowCon Energy Calculator Tool

Why is ΔT important?
Which savings can be obtained with right ΔT?
Get Your answers with FlowCon Energy Calculator

The FlowCon Energy Calculator is a tool that allows the user to see not only the economic benefits of choosing the right ΔT, but also the amount of energy saved.

Some of the key functions are:

  • Net Present Value for implementing dynamic valves
  • Pump Operational Costs at various ΔTs
  • Pump Energy Consumption at various ΔTs
  • Operational costs for two different pump-heads
  • Financial Calculations including Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR), Savings Investment Ratio (SIR) and Annual Average Return (AAR) of Investment
  • FlowCon Energy Calculator runs either a cooling system, a heating system or a combined heating/cooling system

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