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Thermostatic Control Valves

What is a Thermostatic Control valve?

A Thermostatic Control valve will provide a constant and uniform hot water temperature in the domestic hot water system it is installed in. This will increase user-comfort as waiting time for hot water at tapping point and consequently water waste are eliminated. A Thermostatic Control valve is not the same as a mixing valve or an anti-scalding valve.

The FlowCon solution, FlowCon T-JUST, is due to design and material not susceptible to blockage and scaling and the Thermostatic Control valves are WRAS approved.

FlowCon’s range of Thermostatic Valves includes:

Why choose a Thermostatic Control valve?

A Thermostatic Control valve, being insert based, will make installation, setting and maintenance easy for the contractor and increase comfort and save water for the end-user


How does a Thermostatic Control valve work?

A Thermostatic Control valve controls the hot water temperature in the domestic water sub-circuit where it is installed. It includes a thermostatic element which accurately expands according to water temperature. The FlowCon solution includes a by-pass feature which can be either manually operated or electrically actuated. The purpose of the by-pass is to increase the water temperature to a maximum for a time period to avoid bacterial problems such as Legionella.