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What is Heating (HVAC)?

Heating – which is included in the first letter of the word HVAC – refers to the technology of indoor comfort when the outdoor weather is colder. The entire heating system includes heat source, pipe work, valves and units. Heating units are among other things radiators, air curtains, fan coil units and larger air handler units. And heating systems are found in any commercial- and residential building and every construction in between.


What to be aware of in Heating (HVAC) Systems?

A heating system is a closed system, which means that the same water is looped. Without proper balance there is a risk of underflow or even starvation is some parts of the system, where other parts will see and overflow. This may result in costly energy waste. Another consequent is dissatisfied users as they may experience no heating or insufficient heating.

It is therefore important to balance the system to be sure to address these two issues and it is therefore to choose a solution which handles proper flow balance even at reduced loads.

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