What is a Convector?

Convectors are water-borne and a direct heating form. They generate convective heat by drawing in cold air at the bottom due to under-pressure which activates a hot air circulation. The convectors inner piping is surrounded by aluminum fins resulting in increased surface area in air-contact. With the hot water circulation heating up the surrounding air, a convector can be explained to acts like a heat exchanger.

Radiators and convectors continue to remain the more popular solution regarding heating.


How is a Convector Optimized?

With proper balance, a convector will provide an energy efficient, reliable heating solution protecting the indoor climate and increasing people comfort. FlowCon recommends three different solutions to a convector installation:

  1. Pressure Independent Control (PICV)
  2. Differential Pressure Control (DPCV)
  3. Temperature Control (TCV)

1. Convectors with Pressure Independent Control (PICV)

The PICV will react to system pressure changes an regulate the flow of water to required flow by adjusting the actuator position. This helps the system to be accurately controlled even with pressure changes and reduced loads.


→ Download Application Drawing Example


FlowCon recommends the following PICVs:

2. Convectors with Differential Pressure Control (DPCV)

The DPCV will keep a constant differential pressure, ΔpC, across the circuit it is controlling. This helps the sub-system to maintain a constant differential pressure, keep flow steady and avoid noise.


→ Download Application Drawing Example


FlowCon recommends the following DPCVs and Partner Valves:

3. Convectors with Temperature Control (TCV)

The TCV will react to system pressure changes and automatically provide the selected max. flow independent of pressure changes. In addition, the actuator will provide ON/OFF control, securing proper thermal performance always, even at partial loads.


→ Download Application Drawing Example


FlowCon recommends the following TCV:
FlowCon EDP animation, differential pressure control valve, DPCV - HVAC

FlowCon EDP Application Example

Heating System in Apartment Block

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  • Which inconveniences are experienced?
  • Which effect does the installation of FlowCon EDP have?

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FlowCon Project Sheremetyevo Airport Moscow Russia
Heating - Cooling - Convectors - Fan Coil Units - Chillers - FlowCon Green - FlowCon E-JUST - FlowCon Wafer

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