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FlowCon Actuators

Commonly there are two categories of actuators: Thermal or Electrical. Thermal actuators are slow reacting as they are driven by an electric heated wax element. Electrical actuators, which are motor driven, are somewhat faster.

Under each category there are several sub-groupings including control signal, feedback, failsafe, bus communication and additional unique features such as auto stroke, flush mode etc. FlowCon offers both thermal actuators (FlowCon EV and FlowCon FT) and electrical actuators (FlowCon FN, FlowCon FNP, FlowCon FH, FlowCon FNR, FlowCon SM, FlowCon B and FlowCon T).

As baseline, all FlowCon actuators are supplied normally closed (NC) and normally open (NO) versions are either available upon request or the change from NC to NO is a built-in feature. Common for most of our actuators is the fact that actuator and valve are developed as a pair to achieve optimal control function.