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Dynamic Balancing Valves

What is Dynamic Balancing or Automatic Balancing?

Dynamic Balancing or Automatic Balancing Valves – also commonly known as ABVs – are two words for the same thing. Dynamic balancing valves ensure that the design flow will not be exceeded regardless of pressure fluctuations in the system. These valves can be used in basically any construction-based heating or cooling system.

Dynamic balancing is – contrary to static balancing – a completely pressure independent solution. This secures a HVAC system free from overflow or starvation even at partial loads. Consequently, equipment will maintain their efficiency, correct temperature is transferred, and the right indoor temperature is secured at lowest possible energy consumption. Another benefit when using automatic balancing is no piping restrictions (no added length of straight pipe before and after the valve), reduced installation time and practically no commissioning time.

They are an easy solution to consultants, mechanical- and electrical contractors and end-users - due to the flexible solution, wide range of flow rates, nil commissioning and low minimum ΔP.

FlowCon’s range of Dynamic/Automatic Balancing Valves includes:


Why choose a Dynamic/Automatic Balancing Valve (ABV)?

An ABV will ensure that design flow (100% flow) will not be exceeded regardless of system pressure changes. And they are the right choice for new constructions as well as refurbishment projects.


How does a Dynamic/Automatic Balancing Valve (ABV) work?

FlowCon offers two solutions of dynamic balancing:

• E-JUST Insert
The balancing function of the E-JUST is based on the ‘rolling diaphragm’ technology, which has been on the marked for more than 25 years and is durable and well-tested. Any E-JUST is stepless adjustable to 41 unique settings and may be adjusted without isolating the valve or removed the insert from the system. 
The rolling diaphragm will maintain a constant ΔP across the outlet resulting in the specified flow based on inlet setting. 

• Stainless Steel Insert
The balancing function of the Stainless Steel insert is based on the ‘moving cup’ technology. This technology is documented and well-proven with more than 50 years on the market. A Stainless Steel insert is factory pre-set to a unique flow rate, and the range covers a wide selection of flows.
The moving cup operates on pressure and the effective open orifice area of the insert is automatically adjusted to the point where the specified flow rate will be delivered.

Some FlowCon Dynamic/Automatic Balancing Projects

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