Domestic Hot Water Circulation

What is a Domestic Hot Water?

A domestic hot water system (DHW) is used to provide hot water for showers, bathroom sinks, tubs, kitchens and other tap points. It is found in every household, office block, hotel and hospital – basically in any building.


How is a Domestic Hot Water Application Optimized?

With proper thermal balance, the DHW system will work efficiently and the right water temperature will immediately be available at all tap points ensuring optimal comfort and no water waste while waiting for hot water. FlowCon recommends the following solution for domestic hot water installation:

Domestic Hot Water with Thermostatic Balancing (TBV)

The TBV will react to system temperature changes and if water temperature through the TBV is above set-point, the TBV closes to a minimum and vice versa. This helps the system to be provide the right temperature at all tap points.
An additional benefit is the TBV’s built-in bypass which allows for either manual, timer based or BMS controlled water pasteurization through thermal disinfection.


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FlowCon recommends the following TBV:

Some FlowCon Projects with Domestic Hot Water

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FlowCon Project at Prime Park in Moscow
Heating - Cooling - Air handling units - Domestic Hot Water - Fan Coil Units - Radiator Systems - FlowCon UniQ® - FlowCon E-JUST - FlowCon Wafer - FlowCon EDP - FlowCon T-JUST

9 towers for mixed use and high-end residential accommodation – new tower is also supplied with FlowCon valves

FlowCon Project at Van Ness Campus Hospital
Domestic Hot Water - Dynamic Balancing - Automatic Balancing - FlowCon K

LEED® Silver certified hospital facility with lead free automatic balancing valves on hot potable water

FlowCon Project The Czars Square Moscow Russia
Domestic Water - Domestic Hot Water - FlowCon T-JUST

A new residential complex in the heart of Moscow with FlowCon T-JUST on domestic hot water

FlowCon Project New Ellebjerg Copenhagen Denmark
Heating - Domestic Water - Radiator Systems - Domestic Hot Water - FlowCon DPCV - FlowCon E-JUST - FlowCon T-JUST

Best balance in heating system and hot domestic water

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