FlowCon By-Pass Assembly

DN15-32 (1/2"-1 1/4")

New compact design released May 2021:

22% reduced weight compared to earlier model.

Maintained sales price even though brass price has skyrocketed.

Reduced consumption of high-emission raw material, which supports a CO2 reduction in the value chain (scope 3 emission).

Lower freight.


  • 2-union By-Pass Assembly with 80 mm (3.15”) center distance
  • Delivered pre-assembled and tested from factory
  • Incl. strainer blowdown on supply side and AB-housing w. p/t plugs and flushing cap on return side
  • Delivered including insulation shell (only valid for DN15-25 small)
  • Choice of inserts and actuators for the AB-housing
  • Various accessories available (side options, flex hoses, etc.)
  • Forged DZR brass housings
  • Nickle-plated bass ball valves
  • Fixed female-by-female threaded 

DN15-32 (1/2”-1 1/4”) 

Pressure Independent Control Valves, made in Denmark - HVAC

FlowCon PICVs - made in Denmark

  • Are you considering only PICV performance?
  • Do you wonder about PICV features too?
  • Are you concerns also about the environmental influence?

With FlowCon’s PICV solution we include all…..

Some FlowCon By-Pass Assembly Projects

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FlowCon Project at Al-Masa Towers in Egypt
Heating - Cooling - Cooling Towers - Fan Coil Units - Heat Exchangers - FlowCon By-Pass Assembly - FlowCon Green - FlowCon SM

Egypt’s largest hospitality hotel with FlowCon PICVs and pre-tested By-Pass Assemblies for fast and trouble-free installation, flushing and…

FlowCon Project at EnergyNet NoviSad in Serbia
Heating - Cooling - Air Handling Units - Chilled Beams - Chilled Ceilings - FlowCon Green - FlowCon SM - FlowCon By-Pass Assembly

Energy Net’s new Headquater, Serbia. Balanced and controlled with FlowCon PICVs

FlowCon Project, Qatar
Cooling - Air Handling Units - Fan Coil Units - FlowCon By-Pass Assembly - FlowCon Green - FlowCon SM

The world’s most luxurious and modern Metro – ahead of 2022 FIFA World

FlowCon Project Miesian Plaza Dublin Ireland
Heating - Cooling - Fan Coil Units - FlowCon Green - FlowCon By-Pass Assembly

First Irish LEED Platinum building - with FlowCon it was a breeze

FlowCon Project One Microsoft Place Dublin Ireland
Heating - Cooling - Fan Coil Units - Air Handling Units - FlowCon Green - FlowCon SM - FlowCon By-Pass Assembly

Wins Irish Construction Excellence Award (ICE Award) in category 'Project of the Year'

FlowCon Project CMA Tower Riyadh Saudi Arabia
Cooling - CRAC Units - Fan Coil Units - Air Handling Units - FlowCon Green - FlowCon SM - FlowCon Wafer - FlowCon By-Pass Assembly

Class-A office skyscraper with LEED Gold - with FlowCon PICVs

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