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FlowCon To-Go

The FlowCon App is updated…

We are updating the FlowCon App whenever needed and is now on 1.3 version.
The FlowCon App includes:

  • Connection which is ‘the new black’ and works with FlowCon FIT via Bluetooth®. It provides direct readings on ΔT, ΔP, flow rate, BTU heat transfer and ΔT target in the App. It is also possible to select lower max.flows than highest settable max.flow and You will get information from selected max.flow to closed valve.
  • Products will provide direct links to brochures, tech notes, instructions and animations on our high runner and focus products.
  • FlowCon includes information on our Company consisting of FlowCon Corporate Brochure and FlowCon Branding Video as well as direct e-mail link and transfer to the website.

Next to this there is possibility to adjust standard Settings and choose between English, Chinese, Spanish and Russian languages.


You can download the FlowCon App from AppStore or GooglePlay and enjoy an easier life with FlowCon.

Download FlowCon App in Apple AppStore

Download FlowCon App in GooglePlay