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FlowCon Green High Flow

- Pressure Independent Balancing and Control Valve

The FlowCon Greens are part of our Pressure Independent Balancing and Control Valves (PIBCV or PICV) range. Each insert size covers several valve housing sizes, which gives You the flexibility to choose size matches the pipework independent of required flow rate.

The FlowCon Green.1HF provides the highest flow rate available on the market in a DN15 valve. You will get as much flow as 0.736 l/sec (11.7 GPM).

With any FlowCon Green You will get easy-to-use adjustable control with 100% authority appropriate for any heating or cooling application.

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We Welcome You at...

AHR Expo, Orlando, FL, USA

3th-5th February 2020
Stand no: 2661 

Aquatherm Moscow, Russia

11th-14th February 2020
Pavilion 3, Hall 15 at Stand C1063

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Your Environment
- Our Commitment

We specialize in energy efficient dynamic balancing in cooling and heating systems. Our core idea is – and has for decades been – a serviceable insert solution and our range includes nine different types today, each in a varying number of variants and sizes. It gives You a flexible yet well-proven solution and here FlowCon is unique.

Our team focuses on energy efficiency through pressure independency and dynamic balancing and includes top motivated specialists from Engineering over Marketing & Sales to Service. At all times our aim is knowledge, flexibility and reliability – this is our commitment.

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