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FlowCon FIT Energy System | New update.

With the newest FlowCon FIT software update it is possible to achieve a combination of ΔT Control AND Comfort Control in your HVAC system when selecting SMART CONTROL. This new feature is included as an integrated option. It will provide optimal room temperature control at lowest possible energy consumption by optimizing ΔT target between supply and return water.

These new features will be included in the update:

  • Smart Control

  • Media ΔT Target deadband

  • Room temperature (read from BMS)

  • Target room temperature

  • Target room temperature deadband

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Everybody has an obligation to commit to sustainability

At FlowCon, we want to show and explain our commitment to sustainable development and sustainable HVAC solutions, and we see the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a common language to do so, no matter the business. 3 SDGs are particularly close to our hearts and therefore we put our main focus on SDG7, SDG11, and SDG13.

Supporting these SDGs is a natural part of our business and has been so for decades. We Educate in HVAC Insert Technology and benefits and we Provide Energy Efficient HVAC Solutions. This is well supported by our Continuous Product Development. But we also need to look at ourselves and consequently we have investigated FlowCon’s CO2 Footprint and taken actions to reduce our climate footprint further to favor the Paris Agreement and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Go with FlowCon and benefit from our dedicated work - together we can help to a better world.

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- Your HVAC Valve Specialist

We specialize in energy efficient dynamic balancing in cooling and heating systems. Our core idea is – and has for decades been – a serviceable insert solution and our range includes nine different types today, each in a varying number of variants and sizes. It gives You a flexible yet well-proven solution and here FlowCon is unique.

Our team focuses on energy efficiency through pressure independency and dynamic balancing and includes top motivated specialists from Engineering over Marketing & Sales to Service. At all times our aim is knowledge, flexibility and reliability – this is our commitment.


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