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FlowCon Energy Calculator Tool.

The aim of FlowCon Energy Calculator Tool is to provide a simple overview of the consequences in energy consumption when ΔT changes, alongside a financial outline of breakeven after PICV investment and the subsequent savings. The tool is straightforward to use entering project-relevant information (some inputs are even predefined but can manually be adjusted if deemed necessary).

So if you are a FlowCon Distributor or a FlowCon Supporter due to your work as consultant engineer, main contractor or building owner and you want to understand the positive benefits of switching to PICVs and working at correct system ΔT, the FlowCon Energy Calculator Tool may be something for you…..

  • ΔT Optimization

  • Average or Custom Electricity Prices

  • Average or Custom Gas Prices

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Reduced Operational Costs

  • PICV Investment

  • Financial Breakeven

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- Your HVAC Valve Specialist

We specialize in energy efficient dynamic balancing in cooling and heating systems. Our core idea is – and has for decades been – a serviceable insert solution and our range includes nine different types today, each in a varying number of variants and sizes. It gives You a flexible yet well-proven solution and here FlowCon is unique.

Our team focuses on energy efficiency through pressure independency and dynamic balancing and includes top motivated specialists from Engineering over Marketing & Sales to Service. At all times our aim is knowledge, flexibility and reliability – this is our commitment.


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FlowCon is ready...

With our HQ expansion in Slagelse we are now ready to move into the building add-on, increasing the location with 2300m2 floor space... meaning more robot technology, increased production capacity and extended warehouse capacity. FlowCon is ready to service you and your projects.

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