System By-Pass

What is a System By-Pass?

System by-pass can be accomplished either in the plant room close to the pump or remote from the plant room at the end of line. Either way, a system by-pass will include a 3-way control valve. In the starting position and with all water required through the terminal, the by-pass will be closed. Once the 3-way valve’s actuator moves to open the by-pass will become more and more open and at the end of the actuator stroke, all water will flow through the by-pass and none through the terminal.

System by-pass can be used in both heating and cooling applications and is frequently seen as a cost-effective fix in retrofit installations going from constant flow to variable flow. Another installation can be with end of line by-pass to guarantee constant minimum circulation securing instant heating or cooling. Or installing a pump by-pass to secure the pump against dry running and consequently overheating. At full load such a pump by-pass plus the system flow may not exceed max. flow of the pump. For plant room system by-pass please see Cooling for installation example.


How is a System By-Pass Application Optimized?

With proper balance, a system by-pass – nonmatter if is in connection with the pump or at the end of line - may a simple way to protecting the system and the indoor climate and consequently increasing people comfort.

For either system by-pass application, FlowCon recommends a combination of automatic/dynamic balancing and 3-way control.

System By-Pass (System End) with Automatic Balancing (ABV) 


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FlowCon recommends the following ABVs:

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