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By-Pass Modules

What is By-Pass Modules?

By-Pass modules are pre-assemblies, factory tested and ready for direct installation and can be used for fan coils, chilled beams, chilled ceilings or other HVAC units. 

A By-Pass assembly ensures that everything necessary for a successful installation is supplied in one package. The FlowCon package will be available with either dynamic balancing or PICV and allow flushing, isolation, balancing and temperature control of the HVAC unit.

FlowCon’s By-Pass range includes three different types, i.e. the By-Pass Assembly, the By-Pass 2-Union and the By-Pass Mini. They are an easy solution to consultants, mechanical- and electrical contractors and end-users due to easy selection, installation, commissioning, control and maintenance of the terminal unit.

FlowCon’s range of By-Passes includes:


Why choose a By-Pass Solution?

A pre-assembled By-Pass solution will be a cost-effective way to improve pressure independent system balance and maximize efficiency as installation- and commissioning costs are reduced to a minimum. 


How does a By-Pass Solution work?

The FlowCon By-Pass Assembly includes at least three components in one unit, pre-assembled and factory tested.

1. By-Pass
The DZR 3-way 2-union By-Pass unit comes with an 80 mm center distance and two extended T-handles operating the built-in isolating balls. This will allow normal operation or bypass operation as well as forward flushing and back flushing 

2. Strainer
The inlet side to fan coil unit is fitted with a DZR strainer including blowdown valve for easy mesh cleaning. 

3. Valve (Automatic Balancing or PICV)
A DZR housing including pressure/temperature plugs (p/t plugs) is fitted on the outlet side from the fan coil unit. The valve housing is ready for any choice of FlowCon insert and actuator.

4. Insulation (optional)
A full cover 3-piece insulation shell is available at your choice. Even with the assembly fully insulated, immediate access to PICV actuator and easy access to p/t plugs is available. 

5. Flex Hoses (optional)
Optional flex hoses providing an anti-vibration connection between assembly and fan coil unit is available. 

Some FlowCon By-Pass Module Projects

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