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Shanghai Zhenru Sub-CBD, Shanghai, China

In the Upper West Shanghai, a new sub-center is arising. The sub-center will be a mix of retail, office, entertainment, apartments, and other functions.

The Shanghai Zhenru Sub-Central-Business-District or Zhenru Sub-CBD is located in the outer rim of Shanghai in the Putuo District. The completing of the Zhenru Sub-CBD is one out of four areas contributing to the city’s urban development. The total project includes about 200.000 m2 of land and an overall construction area of 1.140.000 m2. It will cover a combination of high-end office buildings, residential apartment buildings, hotels, and other commercial buildings as well as a keep focus on public green  recreational areas. 

The project is anchored in the northeast corner with a super high-rise building. The noble A5 block is a significant 280-meter-high building, and the construction includes 50 floors of modern office space. A special focus has been put on SMART technology and  innovativeness and FlowCon is particularly proud to have supplied PICVs to the project.



For any super high-rise building, the pressure and valve performance tolerance are key factors for the customer to consider. High pressure rating, compact design and easy-to-use actuators are the reasons why the customer chose the FlowCon SM for the project.

FlowCon SM flanged valves are PN40 rated and meet the needs of such super high-rise buildings in full. The compact design and installation flexibility of FlowCon PICVs, FlowCon SM and sister model FlowCon Green, are suitable for the narrow space in for instance the machine room or hidden behind exterior luxurious office design. The use of pressure independent balancing and control valves greatly reduces the workload of system commissioning. And the PICVs will secure continuous optimal indoor climate under their given specification. The extra feature of a digital interactive actuator, FlowCon SM actuator matching all sizes of the SM valve, helped to make the customer lean towards FlowCon and the full range of PICVs and other HVAC valves.

Project Configurations

Project name: Shanghai Zhenru Sub-CBD
Client: CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd.,
Architect: Jiang Architects and Engineers
Consultant: Meinhardt
Contractor: Jiangsu Xiangye Construction Co., Ltd.
Valve model and quantity: 200+ PICVs, FlowCon Green and FlowCon SM
200+ DPCVs, FlowCon DRJT
10 ABV, FlowCon Wafer
Application: New building
Date of inauguration: December 2021
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