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FlowCon E-JUST

DN15-50 (1/2"-2")

  • Externally adjustable dynamic balancing valve
  • Serviceable
  • Adjustable to 41 different flow rate limits
  • Forged brass or DZR brass housing DN15/20/25 (1/2”-1”), forged brass housing DN25-50 (1”-2”) or ductile iron housing DN40/50 (1 1/2”-2”)
  • Optional pressure/temperature plugs
  • Fixed female-by-female threaded

E-JUST.1: 20 mm (3/4”) insert, applicable for DN15/20/25 (1/2”-1”) valves
E-JUST.2: 40 mm (1 1/2”) insert, applicable for DN25/32 (1”-1 1/4”) valves
E-JUST.3: 50 mm (2”) insert, applicable for DN40-50 (1 1/2"-2") valves

ΔP range:
17-400 kPaD (2.47-58.0 psid)

Flow rate:
0.0278-4.48 l/sec (0.44-70.9 GPM)

FlowCon E-JUST animation - HVAC

Take a Tour inside FlowCon E-JUST

Learn how the FlowCon E-JUST insert is installed and set. See how the E-JUST insert’s rolling diaphragm technology works. And finally understand how the E-JUST insert functions and works as a dynamic balancing valve fully pressure independent.

The animation shows in inner working of the FlowCon E-JUST.2 but represents all E-JUST inserts in the range.

My Favorite FlowCon Product by FlowCon Sales Manager Europe Søren Christensen

FlowCon Insert Concept

The modular construction gives you:
Easy selection - Easy setting - Easy maintenance

  • Are you looking for full flexibility?
  • Do you want a full serviceable solution?
  • Will simple flushing be a benefit in your HVAC system?
  • Are you interested in reduced commissioning time?
  • Do you look at circularity and simple waste handling?


Some FlowCon E-JUST Projects

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