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FlowCon UniQ®

DN15-20 (1/2"-3/4")

  • Dynamic self-balancing modulating control valve
  • Total authority, pressure independent 
  • Choice of actuator:
    • EV actuators: thermal 0-10V modulating or ON/OFF, standard failsafe
    • FNR.0.2 actuator: electrical 0-10V modulating, linear control mode
    • FN actuators: electrical 3-point floating or 2-position 
  • Adjustable to 41 different maximum flow rate limits
  • Forged brass housing
  • Range of EuroCone connections available or fixed female-by-female threaded 

Pressure rate:

Fixed female: DN15/20 (1/2”-3/4”)
Fixed male: DN20 (3/4”) suitable for DN15/18/20 EuroCone

10-200 kPaD (1.5-29 psid)

Flow rate:
0.0056-0.209 l/sec (0.089-3.31 GPM)

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