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Dubai Creekside 18, Dubai Harbor, UAE

As part of ‘New Dubai’ and directly at the waterfront, the Creekside 18 offers a modern home for many families…. 

At the Dubai Creek Harbor a new complex covering two high-rise buildings are completed and already now home for many a family offering 1-, 2- and 3-bedrooms apartments, ranging from 65m2 to 150m2, and all with private balconies – in total housing up to 480 families. The Creekside 18 is the name of this new 37-storey residential housing complex due to its actual address. With this unique location you will have an unparallel view of the Dubai Creek Tower and Downtown Dubai and at the same time have direct access to a podium of green walkways and open spaces including a kids’ play area. Moreover, the complex includes facilities such key service, retail outlets, swimming pool, shopping mall, leisure and entertainment areas as well as gourmet restaurants and cafes.

All apartments reflect the modern design of the Creekside 18. The apartments include floor-to-ceiling windows providing an astonishing view and allow plenty of natural light into each apartment. To secure optimal indoor climate, FlowCon PICVs are installed to control cooling as energy efficient as possible.

Project Configurations

Project name: The Creekside 18
Client: Emaar Properties
Consultant: W.S. Atkins & Partners
Contractor: EFFECO, Dubai
Valve model and quantity: 1600 pcs. FlowCon PICVs, FlowCon Green DN20-50 and FlowCon SM DN65-250 on Fan Coil Units, Air Handler Units and Heat Exchangers
Application: New building
Date of inauguration: May 2020
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