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Poultry Processing Hub, Singapore

Singapore’s first poultry processing hub – the path to more efficiency and sustainability.

JTC Poultry Processing Hub at Buroh Lane, Singapore is an 8 floor multi-tenanted commercial development project and it is Singapore’s first one-stop processing hub designed to house poultry slaughtering and processing establishments. It is meant to provide shared resources to its tenants - targeted at small and medium enterprises - to achieve higher productivity through scale and automation.

The smart factory, which can process 16.000 chickens per hour, includes a state-of-the-art waste management system which reduces and recycles waste from the slaughter process. Instead of disposing all the poultry waste, the system will convert part of it into protein, which is later used as an ingredient in livestock feed. The waste system will help the hub to become more sustainable in its operations and it is estimated to reduce waste by 60 tons per day.

In addition, the hub development is to minimize carbon footprint by implementing several environmentally friendly design features. ​​​​It has from the very beginning been a demand to provide a building solution which is flexible enough to accommodate future expansion plans and fit-outs by tenants. Through structural provisions such as bolting points, removable concrete slabs and adjustable cooling system, there has been a strong emphasis on functionality and efficiency. FlowCon’s solution helps to make the cooling system flexible for future changes at lowest energy consumption.

Project Configurations

Project name: JTC Poultry Processing Hub
Developer: JTC, Jurong Town Corporation
Consultant: Surbana Jurong
Contractor: Kin Xin Engineering
Valve model and quantity: 50+ FlowCon DPCV valves (DN65-150) on cooling FCUs and -AHUs
Application: New building
Date of inauguration: October 2019

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