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New Residential Complex "The Czar’s Square" - Russia

With business class intentions, the project required high class products - FlowCon T-JUST is helping to save energy and secure hot water fast, benefits for both building owner and building users.

The new residential complex "Tsarskaya Ploshchad" - "The Czar’s Square" is a unique combination of historic location, bright architectural concept, comfortable living environment and modern engineering solutions.

The business class complex consists of four buildings with names reflecting history: Ekaterininsky, Romanovsky, Petrovsky and Alexandrovsky. The residential complex’s architectural and layout concept is based on the principle of creating a comfortable city block, completely on a human-scale. For the authors of the project it was very important to ensure not only everyday home well-being but also visual well-being. The residential complex sums to 289.750 m² over various numbers of floors.

Project Configurations

Project Developer: MR Group, Moscow and COALCO, Moscow
Architect: SPEECH, Moscow
Consultant: UNK Project, Moscow
Contractor: MR Group, Moscow
Project Name: Tsarskaya Ploshchad, Moscow
Configuration of Building: Thermostatic valves for domestic hot water
Number of Valves: +1000 valves
Valve Model: FlowCon T-JUST
Configuration: Thermostatic valves on the domestic hot water
Types of Application: New building
Date of Installation: 2017/18


The project was the winner of ‘Records of the real estate market” 2016 and “Moscow District No. 1” based on its high business class level on construction and engineering solutions.

The FlowCon T-JUST automatically controls the temperature of the water which circulates through the system and therefore a thermal balance is achieved throughout the entire system. Further, the proper temperature is immediate available at all draw-off taps to ensure optimal comfort.

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