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Renovation: Balanced Heat - FlowCon PICV on shunt groups

The Burn Center at Uppsala University Hospital is one of Sweden’s two national Burn Centers. The Burn Center offers a wide range of clinical competence, from acute treatment of severe burns and intensive care medicine to rehabilitation and reconstructive plastic surgery, making it one of the leading Burn Centers in northern Europe. Telemedicine facilities are used for specialist consultations before transportation which can be handled by the hospital’s own flying ambulance service.

For such a critical hospital function, accurate control of room temperature is essential. For renovation of the heating and ventilation system, the client was looking for a solution which would be both cost effective and of high quality, particularly with regard to exact temperature control. The task was to cost effective replace the old shunt units for heating and cooling in ventilation and heating system.

TTM Energiprodukter offered a modern solution based on shunt groups - known as Shuntopac - with FlowCon PICV valves. These valves are known to provide excellent control because they are pressure independent and automatically balance despite of pressure changes in the system. The FlowCon valves regulate based of temperature requirements depending on factors such as outdoor temperature or premises' activity. Despite system pressure fluctuations, balance of the system is maintained, and no single entity may uncontrolled affect other devices in the system. This ensures both accurate temperature and comfort flow for each system unit. In total a cost efficient and safe solution.

Project Configurations

Project Name: Uppsala University Hospital, Burn Center (Akademiska Sjukhuset Uppsala)
Location: Uppsala, Sweden
Type of Building: Hospital
Configuration of Building: Shunts with FlowCon Green and FlowCon SM
Client: Uppsala County Council
Customer Technical Support: TTM Energiprodukter AB
FlowCon Distributor: TTM Energiprodukter AB

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