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FlowCon SM Actuators

for FlowCon SM and Energy FIT

  • Electrical programmable display actuators, 24V
  • Same actuator fits all sizes SM and FIT
  • 0(2)-10V or 0(4)-20mA modulating, 3-point floating or 2-position
  • Standard with feedback
  • Standard with manual override
  • Settable control characteristics (linear control, equal percentage, linear rotation or linear signal)
  • Settable flow unit (l/sec, l/hr or GPM)
  • Settable control direction (NO/NC)
  • Settable flush mode which is a benefit during commissioning
  • Settable control span
  • Programmable flow rate directly on display to match selected valve
  • Programming may be password protected
  • Optional failsafe (NO/NC)
  • Optional BACnet 

Take a Tour with FlowCon SM Actuator

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