FlowCon T-JUST

DN15-25 (1/2"-1")

  • Thermostaitc control valve
  • Adjustable to 7 different temperature settings
  • Serviceable
  • Manual or electrically operated by-pass
  • Optional actuator:
    • EV actuators: thermal ON/OFF, standard failsafe
  • Forged brass or DZR brass housing DN15/20/25 (1/2”-1”) or SS housing DN20 (3/4”)
  • Optional pressure/temperature plugs (AB)
  • Fixed female-by-female threaded (A or AB) or union end connected inlet/male threaded outlet (FF-unit)

T-JUST1: 20 mm (3/4"), applicable for DN15/20/25 (1/2"-1") valves

Temperature range:
+35°C to +65°C (+95°F to +149°F)

Some FlowCon T-JUST Projects

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FlowCon Project at Prime Park in Moscow
Heating - Cooling - Air handling units - Domestic Hot Water - Fan Coil Units - Radiator Systems - FlowCon UniQ® - FlowCon E-JUST - FlowCon Wafer - FlowCon EDP - FlowCon T-JUST

9 towers for mixed use and high-end residential accommodation – new tower is also supplied with FlowCon valves

FlowCon Project The Czars Square Moscow Russia
Domestic Water - Domestic Hot Water - FlowCon T-JUST

A new residential complex in the heart of Moscow with FlowCon T-JUST on domestic hot water

FlowCon Project New Ellebjerg Copenhagen Denmark
Heating - Domestic Water - Radiator Systems - Domestic Hot Water - FlowCon DPCV - FlowCon E-JUST - FlowCon T-JUST

Best balance in heating system and hot domestic water

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