FlowCon Business Awards 2023

Last week was a very special week

FlowCon’s CEO Torben Ibsen was announced the winner of this year's theme award, “The Owner-Managers' Green Transformation” for the Zealand area and is off to the national nominations.

Read the full article (in Danish) here: https://via.ritzau.dk/pressemeddelelse/13744899/ejerledere-bag-familieejet-ventil-virksomhed-vinder-temaprisen-2023-pa-sjaelland?publisherId=90624&lang=da

Also, FlowCon was revealed a winner of PwC’s Export Award 2023 at the local business award nomination.

“This is truly a team effort and a big THANK YOU goes out to the entire FlowCon team. Without each one of you, this would not have been possible” says a proud Torben Ibsen.

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