FlowCon is finalist to the Sydbank/SK Forsyning
Climate and Environmental Award 2022

FlowCon is nominated among three companies for the Business Awards 2022 in the category CLIMATE AND ENVIRONMENTAL AWARD and we are really proud.

The jury’s words to follow the nomination:

“FlowCon is involved in a major sustainable development project – and they have big ambitions. They have reduced the use of raw materials, resulting in large CO2 savings. Company cars have been replaced with hybrid cars and an optimization of production and new lighting are advancing the green transition. The process is anchored in top management and prioritized throughout the organization and propagation backward in the value chain is underway. With this, FlowCon makes a positive contribution to all three bottom lines: People, Profit and Planet.”

This proves to us that our path is right and recognized. It aligns well with our core business to save energy and it motivates us to continue our climate journey. It is our everyday commitment to supply energy efficient solutions to the HVAC industry and thereby helping to reduce buildings' carbon footprint around the globe. To us, this is common sense.

Wish us good luck at the Award Show on November 11th 2022 🍀🍀🍀


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