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FlowCon Topic Letter about Importance of Control Curves in PICVs
Heating/Cooling - PICV - Equal% Control - Linear Control - Accuracy - Turn Down Ratio - Rangeability - Performance Charts

Equal percentage control vs. linear control – which is better when and why?

FlowCon Topic Letter about Rangeability and Turn Down Ratio
PICV - FlowCon Green - FlowCon GreEQ - FlowCon SM - FlowCon Essentia

Definition and use of Rangebility, Resolution and Turn Down Ratio in FlowCon PICVs

FlowCon Topic Letter about Leakage Classification IEC60534-4
PICV - PITCV - TCV - FlowCon Green - FlowCon SM - FlowCon FIT - FlowCon Essentia - FlowCon EVS

Article is updated to include FlowCon Essentia. All actuated FlowCon valves are classified according to Int. Standard IEC60534-4, Class IV and V

Product Brochures


- which is included in the first letter of the word HVAC - refers to the technology of indoor comfort when the outdoor weather is colder. The entire Heating System includes heat source, pipe work, valves and units. Heating Units are among other things radiators, air curtains, fan coil units …

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Opposite heating, HVAC Cooling refers to the technology of indoor comfort when the outdoor weather is warmer. The entire Cooling System includes cooling source, pipe work, valves and units. Cooling Units are among other things chilled beams, fan coil units and larger air handler units as well as chillers ...

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Energy is relatively new in relation to HVAC. It refers to the technology of optimal indoor comfort and lowest needed pressure and is relevant in regard to both heating and cooling. Important is, that the system will regulate on ΔT alone. This is especially essential in critical systems found in some commercial ...

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Domestic Water

Domestic water - or more correctly Domestic Hot Water (DHW) - refers to the hot water in sinks, showers and baths in any type of building for domestic purposes, like sanitation, personal hygiene and food preparation. It is wise to know that DHW is not only relevant in private homes but is used in any building ...

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