Official notice regarding COVID-19
- Corona virus implications


On March 11, 2020 the Danish Government imposed a variety of harsh measure to combat the rapidly spreading COVID-19 virus, including suspension of all non-critical public institutions. In connection to the measures, all private entities were requested to participate in the efforts. A request which FlowCon International obviously takes seriously and complies to as a responsible business, while trying to serve our customers in the best possible manner. Note that the recommendations are relevant to our Danish entity only; our other global entities will operate in accordance to local government recommendations.

Measures imposed (Denmark)

  • All staff carrying work functions, which can be handled remotely, have been advised to conduct such from home.
  • Office and production layout have been changed to ensure that all employees have a safety distance between one another according to the government recommendations - currently 2 meters.
  • All business travels are suspended, provisionally until April 14, 2020.
  • Employees already abroad are subjected to a 14 days’ quarantine period from the FlowCon facility upon return to Denmark.
  • All physical meetings with external partners have been suspended, provisionally until April 14, 2020. Alternatively, such may be held as online meetings.
  • Internal physical meetings are to be minimized and a safety distance of 2 meters between the participants to be maintained.  


FlowCon International and staff are not infected with Corona virus and any stay within our premises is perfectly safe. The measurements imposed are intended to minimize any infection risk while ensuring continues operation. 

Largest challenge currently is the transportation between the various production facilities, but both FlowCon and the Danish Government are working continuously to minimize negative impact. 


To summarize, the FlowCon production capacity is still at 100% despite adjusted internal processes according to government recommendations. Inventories and raw materials are available and deliveries and general business performance continue as usual towards our external partners. 


Best regards,
FlowCon International ApS

Torben W. Ibsen

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