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New Differential Pressure Control Valve
- FlowCon DPCV

FlowCon is proud to introduce the FlowCon DPCV, which is a differential pressure control valve intended for heating and cooling HVAC systems.

FlowCon DPCV is now available for sale in sizes from 15-50 mm covering flow rates ranging from 50-13000 l/h (0.22-57.24 GPM). The differential pressure control valve maintains a user specific defined constant differential pressure within the valve ΔP range of 5-35 kPaD (0.7-5.1 psid).

The FlowCon DPCV holds a variety of features and benefits including:

  • Rugged, robust design in bronze/brass.
  • All functions located on one side for easier access and use.
  • High flow rates.
  • Wide presetting range with stepless ΔP-scale and without any need of tools.
  • Lockable presetting.
  • Capillary tube with 1/4" male ISO thread connection, fitting many valve types (including all FlowCon AB/ABV/ABM housings).
  • Available with up to 3 pressure/temperature plugs for maximal measuring options - possibility of measuring the pressure at:
    - the capillary tube
    - the inlet of the DPCV
    - the outlet of the DPCV.
  • Can be used as a shut-off valve during maintenance.



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