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FlowCon EDP

FlowCon International continues the development of the differential pressure control valve (DPCV) range with the introduction of the FlowCon EDP. The EDP is a revolutionary externally adjustable DPCV insert, which allows on-site adjustments also, while in operations and service without removing the valve from the piping. With the latest introduction the FlowCon DPCV range are providing insert solutions for;

FlowCon SDP: Pre-set ΔP control available in 10, 20 and 30 kPaD for simple, tamper proof and cost effective installations.

FlowCon EDP: Adjustable ΔP control from 5-50 kPaD for simple, flexible and value for money installations.

FlowCon ADP: Combining ΔP and flow control for accurate control and noise protection.

All above solutions naturally match the standard housing configurations allowing multiple solutions to precisely fit the project requirement.


EDP regulation concept

The EDP is built with a patented double spring construction, which combined with the rolling diaphragm, provides an extremely compact and accurate unit. It furthermore allows the EDP valve to control a wide differential pressure range covering 5-50 kPaD, which is second to none in the market.


EDP are easy to adjust

Adjust the dial setting to one of the 41 step less settings, available on the insert to the differential pressure required in the system, and the valve will do the rest. The valves are easily serviceable.

FlowCon EDP offers:

  • 3 functions in one device: Constant differential pressure regulator, adjustable and diagnostics. If isolation function is required, please select the FlowCon ABV body.
  • Insert solution: Giving multiple advantages during selection, distribution, installation, flushing and maintenance.
  • Compact: Due to the rolling diaphragm design, can the insert be fitted inside the valve eliminating any external disc or equivalent.
  • Noise protection: The differential pressure is limited and therefore the pipe velocities is restricted.
  • High rated pressure: PN25 rated standard.
  • Large flow range: Can be adjusted to control the differential pressure within a flow range of 15-1500 l/hr without superseding the provided differential pressure values.
  • Easy installation and service: Can be flushed, adjusted and serviced without removing the valve body from the piping and without special tools.

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