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New FlowCon EV Actuators
- Improved Installation and Improved Energy Efficiency

FlowCon presents the next generation of the EV actuator range, which besides an updated design reduces the energy consumption.

The FlowCon EV range consists of the below options:

  • FlowCon EV.0.2 - 24V Thermal modulating, 0-10V, NC
  • FlowCon EV.0.3 - 230V Thermal ON/OFF, NC
  • FlowCon EV.0.4 - 24V Thermal ON/OFF, NC
  • FlowCon EV.0.5 - 120V Thermal ON/OFF, NC
  • FlowCon EV.1.3 - 230V Thermal ON/OFF with end switches, NC
  • FlowCon EV.1.4 - 24V Thermal ON/OFF with end switches, NC.

​​The new EV actuator versions will supersede the old EV actuators, which are no longer available. Feature wise, the new versions provide the same benefits as seen on previously versions, such as: click-mount, first open position etc., but with a series of improvements in addition.

The major improvements are: 

  • Updated more compact and uniform design
  • Faster electronics reducing the start-up times on modulating versio
  • Energy consumption starting at only 1 Watt (45% lower energy consumption compared to previous model)
  • Theft protection system - modulating version only
  • Improved fit with "3-point lock"
  • Optional automatic stroke detection - modulating version only
  • 360° installation flexibility
  • 100% splash proof (IP 54 rating).

FlowCon EV actuators are suitable for the FlowCon valve models EVS, EVC and UniQ. Please note that the adaptor rings have been updated alongside the actuators. The adaptor ring is supplied standard in the actuator box, so please always ensure to utilize the adaptor ring provided with the actuator and mount this in accordance with the official FlowCon installation instructions.

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