FlowCon GreEQ - Full stroke equal percentage PICV

Latest contribution to FlowCon International’s comprehensive range of inserts is now available with our introduction on the world’s first full stroke equal percentage characterized insert named the FlowCon GreEQ insert.

More and more PICV specifications are calling for equal percentage control characteristic of the control seat and pre-setting without stroke limitation. Full stroke equal percentage seat control is new and opposed to linear seat control, which is the standard in typical PICVs including the FlowCon Green insert range. Equal percentage control characteristics in PICVs have previously only been achievable either through compensated actuator movement or stroke limitation, and in some instances both. 

Global engineering consulting firm Arup acknowledged the above limitation on existing PICVs, but they refused to accept either stroke limitation nor actuator compensation, which lead Arup, Jones Engineering and FlowCon International to team up and create an insert capable of and without compromise fulfilling the outlined project requirements resulting in the new FlowCon GreEQ insert. The collaboration has included product specifications and various witness tests ultimately resulting in the products being installed in the National Children’s Hospital in Ireland handled by Arup and Jones Engineering.

Given its equal percentage characteristic the FlowCon GreEQ insert is the perfect partner for application requiring accurate control in very low flow rates. The GreEQ insert is specially designed for low flow rates focusing on slow seat opening. The GreEQ holds a minimum setting of 17.3 l/hr (0.0763 GPM) but can, due to the slow seat opening, easily maintain constant flow rates down to 2 l/hr (0.0088 GPM) when modulated by the FlowCon FNQ actuator. In Fact, the seat opening is to the extent that it is the actuator resolution, which is defining the minimum flow rate and not the seat.

The FlowCon GreEQ range naturally fits in the standard FlowCon valve housings and its launch is supported by its own dedicated actuator range, FlowCon FNQ, available with analog control including feedback and optional capacitor failsafe function. 

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