FlowCon FAC6HP - Intelligent Commissioning Meter

FlowCon is excited to introduce the FlowCon FAC6HP, which is an Intelligent Commissioning Meter prepared for all versions of FlowCon valves.

The FlowCon FAC6HP is pre-programmed with flow curves of all current FlowCon valves, allowing direct flow and differential pressure read out of the p/t probes installed in the valves.

During the commissioning stage the FlowCon FAC6HP can store valve models, valve settings, differential pressure and flow rates of up to 100 locations. All together it simplifies the commissioning process significantly.

Furthermore, the FlowCon FAC6HP holds the option of a software allowing storage of up to 2.000 locations. The building can be programmed into the software in advance advising location, valve models and cartridge settings (including wafer built up simulation) and thereby almost eliminating programming on the FlowCon FAC6HP at site.

The measurements taken at site can be stored in the FlowCon FAC6HP and with the optional software be directly transferred to the PC creating a commissioning document.

All in all - the introduction of the FlowCon FAC6HP commissioning meter will ease any verification process and especially the commissioning sequence.

Further information are available beneath.

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